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Kyle / Arizona

Photographer / Builder / Skateboarder

I like working on old motorcycles, cars, music, art, tattoos, skate/snowboard, the outdoors, genuine people, and punk/real/raw shit. Feel free to ask me anything. Check the archive!


Your CHANCE to HELP out….

Our buddy Wesley was in a bad wreck.  He has lots of broken bones and serious injuries but thankfully he is improving everyday…. I tell you all this for 2 reasons… First, to say, WATCH THE FUCK OUT WHEN YOU’RE DRIVING… Second, to say, THERE’S A WAY YOU CAN HELP…. and get some FREE STUFF from Show Class…

Wesley’s family started up a Gofundme page for Wesley and Candy - www.gofundme.com/d79qzs

Here’s the deal…. we are gonna give away 2 PRIZE PACKS… here’s how to get involved:

1 - Go DONATE whatever you can spare… fuck Starbucks for the day…

2 - Repost this and put #fuckcars  (don’t be a shit bag and just put the # on someone else’s post - we are trying to spread the word not run a contest)

3 - Sit back and wait until the end of August

4 - We will PICK 2 WINNERS on Sept. 1.  One winner will be picked randomly from those who repost this with the right #… the Second WINNER will be picked from the list of all who donate $20 or more.

What can you win, besides that feeling that you did something worth a shit today by helping a good guy in a SHITTY situation out….. the # winner will get a FREE 1-Year Sub.  The WINNER picked from all those who donated $20 or more will get a BALLER package including a 2-Year Sub, a gaggle of shirts, stickers, pins, patches and hats AND one of the LIMITED EDITION Mercy Supply Tool Bags…..

Get to donating… it’s for a GOOD cause…

Hang in there Wesley!

 (at www.gofundme.com/d79qzs)
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Xs650 bobber

Cycle Zombies at Born Free 6
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Decided to chop my head today… No bald spots so I guess it was a success haha

— Lewis Black: Old Yeller (Live at the Borgata)

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Women smoking on motorcycles in 1930s Great Britain