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Kyle / Tempe, Arizona

Photographer / Builder / Skateboarder

I enjoy working on old motorcycles, cars, music, art, tattoos, skate/snowboard, the outdoors, genuine people, funny people/shit-talkers, and punk/real/raw shit. Feel free to ask me anything. Check the archive!

jill-wood said: Hey, I like the blog! Did you take pictures of everything?

Thank you!! Yeah, I take all the photos I post unless they are re-blogged. A lot of the bikes here are built by my friends and I or are just cool shit I see around town and at shows. I do a lot of other photography (portrait/wedding/landscape/nature/action sports/etc), but mainly try to keep motorcycles the theme of this blog. Thanks for following :]


Eli Reed - sw 180 to manny 180 out

Hood Bush ‘14
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So excited for this…

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Original 57’

Vintage Triumph

Xs650 bobber

XS650 by: oldstuffisbetter