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Kyle / Arizona

Photographer / Builder / Skateboarder

I work on old motorcycles and cars so if you're in AZ and need work done hit me up. Some of my favorite builds of ours are in the archive so check it out! Feel free to ask me anything.

Til I finish my fucking bike
and kick start it for the first time….

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I somehow survived hitting an elk that jumped onto the highway at 80mph. It was in the middle of nowhere between Vegas and Reno… About 10pm with no cell service. The front doors were stuck shut so I kicked the rear door open from the backseat and had to wait 45 minutes for the first car to come by… Thought for sure I might have to kill this person and steal their car if they try to do something crazy or hurt us. Ended up being a teacher from school literally 15 minutes from my home back in Arizona. We made it out alive luckily. It’s been a few years now and I’m not sure why I’m still alive, but I definitely appreciate life more since that day.

Grassy grass grass

Almost there

such a nice view.

Me: I just got all the stuff I needed to do the intake swap on my car!

My brother: Why don’t you quit
fucking with shit and just drive it.

Me: I simply cannot…

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Make the best of your day - whatever you find yourself doing.
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